The Sentinels of Illyria

Sailing North/Nashemi People

The heroes fled the town of Greenwind on several boats with Captain Rayne and the refugees in tow. After the heroes were all equipped with powerful magic weapons from the sentinels, they were tasked with taking their own vessel farther north to follow a lead learn what the Nashemi tribes, and old native race of people that , might know about this new enemy.

While sailing the heroes encountered another boat. After they discovered it was illegally transporting Nashemi people to be used as slaves, there was a high seas skirmish. The heroes came out victorious and rescued the Nashemi captives.

The sentinels went ashore and returned the rescued Nashemians to their tribe. After earning the chieftain’s respect, he told them of a holy cave that contained the remains of an ancient Nashemi hero that defeated an enemy called the Arnak that sounds a lot like the queen and the creatures that threaten Illyria today.

So the five heroes traveled to the flowery final resting place of the Nashemi hero. They found some very old seeds hidden by a riddle, hinting at something to stop the Arnak, inside of his gravestone.

Right when things seemed to be going the sentinels’ way, the queen entered the cave. This time looking more like a human woman, the heroes attacked the queen. The queen’s overwhelming speed and strength was no match for them and they barely managed to escape into an extradimensional space created by Kulle. They then watched as the Arnak queen became agitated by the flowers around the grave and flew out of the cave distressed.


Five heroes were recruited to join the sentinels, the most elite group of protectors/justicars of the realm of Illyria. They were summoned to Blackstone Keep in the northern reaches of the country to undergo basic training under the tutelage of training officer Darwin Elwine. On the road they were attacked by a small group of hobgoblins and one Ettin. The group handily defeated them and continued to the secluded fortress.

During their stay at the fortress the heroes became rivals to some of the veteran legionaries and role models to some of the younger ones. After their training they were sent on their first assignment to investigate missing hunters from the nearest town of Greenwind which was about 3 days south.

After a brief investigation at Greenwind they followed a lead to a dwarven mining camp a couple days outside of the town. When they reached the camp they found the dwarven miners in a trance-like state and they immediate turned violent against the heroes. They also encountered large insectoid creatures at the mine, the like which nobody has ever seen before. Inside the mine they discovered the miners uncovered some sort of sarcophagus and released some sort of ancient sleeping evil. The heroes also discovered that this awakened creature was creating spawn and enslaving the minds of the people in the area by implanting a parasite within the brain. One survivor that was recently infected managed to warn the heroes of an impending attack on the town of Greenwind. So the five new sentinels rushed back to Greenwind.

The heroes arrived and revealed some of the citizens of the town to have become “taken” by the parasite. Soon after a large, winged, insect monstrosity, which called herself the queen, arrived to the town. She then assaulted Greenwind with a large number of “taken” hobgoblins and insect minions. The people were powerless to stop them. When it looked like it would be a massacre, a small group of fellow sentinels arrived and helped the heroes. The heroes and the newly arrived sentinels led by the deadly Captain Rayne, fended off the the creatures long enough to evacuate some of the townspeople and escape by boat.


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